Wellbeing Pillars

Wellbeing is generally addressed through six dimensions.

*Future of Wellness Survey, McKinsey & Company, 2021


Mindfulness includes meditation-focused apps and meditation-orientated offerings.

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Sleep goes beyond traditional sleep medication, like melatonin, to app-enabled sleep trackers and other sleep-enhancing products.


Appearance primarily relates to wellness-oriented apparel (“athleisure”) and beauty products (skincare and collagen supplements), but also includes service-oriented offerings like nonsurgical aesthetic procedures.

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Nutrition has always been a part of wellness, but now consumers want food to help them accomplish their wellbeing goals in addition to tasting good.


Fitness was steadily increasing over time before experiencing some upheaval over the past year, with many consumers struggling to maintain pre-COVID-19 fitness levels.

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Health extends beyond medicine and supplements to include medical devices, tele-medicine, and remote healthcare and services, as well as personal health trackers.